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Laundry Service

We Care for the Clothes You Wear

Commercial Wash and Fold

  • We offer wash and fold services for businesses.
  • Please contact us for information.
  • Easy pay online.
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    We Are A Professional Laundry Company. 

    (Tel: 657-206-5755)

    Offering these services

    Self Serve Laundry

    • We have 80 washing machines ranging from Top Loaders to 80 lbs. to meet the size of your laundry needs.
    • We have 80 dryers plus a large dryer.
    • Pay with quarters or pay by phone via Pay Range.
    • Money exchange for quarters.
    • ATM available.
    • Easy Pay Online. Click to learn more

    Wash & Fold

    • We offer wash and fold services.
    • We offer same day, 24 hours or 48 hours wash and fold.
    • Pick Up/Drop Off services available via Door Dash.
    • Easy pay online. Click to learn more.
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    Instant Order Update

    Regular updates of your order, to help you keep a track of your laundry and plan accordingly. Download our app and request our laundry services. Your clothes, washed, folded and delivered to your doorstep. So go ahead and say yes to more time with the family, more happy hours, and more slapping the snooze button every morning - we've got laundry day covered.

    Self Service Best in Class Laundromat
    Top Reasons to Visit

    •  New efficient machines. Over 80 washers/dryers priced to fit anyone's budget.
    •   Machines take quarters or pay by phone via the PayRange Bluetooth app which is free.
    •  Newly remodeled, clean, peaceful, well maintained store.
    •  Popular quarter pushing games.
    •  Increased attendant hours every day: staff is friendly and helpful.
    •  ATM inside laundromat.
    •  Restroom for customers.
    •  Large parking lot.

    Wash & Fold Services

    • 24-48 hour service. $1.75 per pound 20lbs minimum.
    • Same Day service $2.00 per pound 20lb min. (Drop off before 9am and pickup 5PM same day.
    • Pickup & Delivery offered and quoted through Door Dash from our website.
    • 1st order includes (1) Free premium Mr. Bubbles resuable bag.
    • Enjoy a FREE coffee and fresh donut for each wash and fold order. 20lbs. minimum.

    Commercial Wash And Fold

    Contact us for aggressive pricing or fill the form below.

    Quality Service with
    Free Collection & Delivery

    It is our goal to offer you the best possible laundry
    service available. 


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